GENESIS NFTs evolve with each secondary sale. The buyer’s wallet address influences the generation, creating a new unique piece for every transfer. It adds to the rarity and value of the NFT.


50 Ξ will stay on the contract as a fund to generate profits for all holders. Read the whitepaper to discover all the benefits from The Fund.

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Evolving NFTs

How it works

The genesis collection is composed of 2,500 unique NFTs that will be mintable at a flat rate of 0.05 Ξ

With every transfer of a genesis NFT, a new line is generated from the values of the acquirer wallet address and the artwork is re-generated, creating a new unique piece.


Grow your investment

The fund is my way to thank early supporters of the Genesis Blocks framework. Only the first collection will benefit from it. It will be kickstarted with 50 Ξ. At least half of secondary sells fees will be added to the fund.
Holders will be able to vote on how to invest (NFTs, private sales, ..) part of the fund to make it grow.
Some of the profits generated from the next drops will be deposited on the fund as well.


Gain money over time

Holders have several ways to gain profits.

  • Part of the fund will be distributed to holders periodically
  • A buyback function is being developed
  • Holders can resell their NFT


Just the beginning

Genesis is the beginning of an ecosystem for enhanced NFTs. Several collections will be released, including some collaborations with different artists.

Several collaborations are already planned. Make sure to join our channels for announcements.


Meet M D

I’m a web and crypto dev based in Switzerland. My aim is to make this space a safer place through tools and projects. I'm always trying to bring innovation through code.

"MD is one of the most hard working, capable, and dependable developers in the space. A real up and comer, and has delivered a number of exciting projects. Very excited to be part of this first NFT project of his."
"A diversely qualified and experienced developer, the most reliable person I know in Crypto."
"I believe in the project. The concept is very innovative."
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